How to Remove Virus : Coolgamesetup.exe, iiiiii.exe, txplatform.exe, runauto…

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Five months ago, I was made dizzy by a virus. Name coolgamesetup.exe, iiiiii.exe, txplatform.exe, runauto… virus. The virus originated from China. The virus quickly spread through the network connected computer. In fact, the information system at one brokerage firm in India crash by this virus.

The full story is here:

These viruses take advantage of integrated applications in the network and printer sharing.
The virus is quite dangerous, because it strikes all exe files. This virus will take the exe file, then replace it exactly as the original. But when the file is executed, the script will automatically run the virus. Finally, all applications can not run and the system eventually crashes.

How to find the virus infected file is pretty easy, right click on the exe file, select Properties. Note the tab, usually if it is infected, the tab “version” will disappear. Tab “version” contains a version of the application, the name of the company, etc. This virus will also direct the Internet Explorer browser to the desired site of the virus.
At each drive will show hidden files with names coolgamesetup.exe, iiiiii.exe and runauto….
Then in the taskbar will appear Txplatform1.exe or Txplatformm.exe.
There are many other features, but I’ve forgotten .. hehehe

When I was googling and I have not found a significant threat to remove them manually. Since it seems not many who get this virus.
There was threat but in the mandarin language.
Download it here.

I have tried various antivirus from AVG, Avast, Avira and more, all just delete coolgamesetup, iiiiii.exe, runauto…, without deleting up to the roots.

Finally I found the antivirus which also came from China, was named Rising Antivirus. Because also from China, the virus was finally overpowered. Fiuuuhh..

Download it here for free:

To maintain the security of the local virus (artificial viral Indonesia), I add SmadAV antivirus. So I have 2 antivirus, Rising AV and SmadAV. No conflicts, work well.

Download antivirus SmadAV:

Hope can help.


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